BMS for TESLA Batteries
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BMS for Tesla battery for sale.

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Our R&D department staffed by our engineers has developed a unique product that enhance and manage the TESLA batteries.

dedicated to tesla battery model s

By providing all the available information of the TESLA battery’s status, you obtain full control over all the uses of this specific battery. The special characteristic of our BMS is that could also be used with all other li-ion batteries packs.

features from future

Εmbedded information screen, communication port, Intelligent Cell Balancing, protection for overcharging and low voltage.

bms for tesla batteries features

BMS for Tesla battery for sale.


PIC18F67J50 processor module with 128k Flash, 3.9k bytes RAM and a 12mips 8-bit CPU.

BMS for Tesla battery for sale.

Texas Instruments chip

Battery monitoring and protection charge controller from Texas Instruments is made up of integrated circuits that perform functions to help keep your batteries running smoothly.

BMS for Tesla battery for sale.

Alarm output

Digital Output Controls with relay to connect external devices.

BMS for Tesla battery for sale.

Adjustable Menu settings

Capability to adjust the menu settings with hardware buttons.

BMS for Tesla battery for sale.

OLED screen

High contrast OLED monitor shows battery status in real time and various information.

BMS for Tesla battery for sale.

Intelligent Cell Balancing

BQ76PL . Control With Safety analog-to-digital converter (ADC); independent cell voltage and temperature protection; cell balancing, and precision.

BMS for Tesla battery for sale.

Isolate protection

The isolation across a device for one second without compromising the isolation in the device.

BMS for Tesla battery for sale.

I2C communication

Can be supported a high-speed interface connects to other devices, external devices as chargers, motor controllers, power inverters.

First batch Ready-to-ship on 28/10/2019

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